MAYDELL ADVICE | Scope of Business
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Change is an exciting element of managerial life. To become or remain an active agent of this dynamic, additional perspectives might be helpful in certain personal and professional situations. At this point, executive leaders and managers are increasingly asking for the safety and objectivity of external trusted advisors. We provide the high level business understanding, the intimacy and confidentiality to enable our clients to think at their best, reflect freely on their careers and ensure their lives have a better balance.

Business Coaching

Most senior executives want to develop a more balanced and innovative approach to being a leader which reflects their personal values and beliefs. We accompany individuals, who are on their ceaseless search for excellence and purpose, but who are also facing ineffective patterns in their team interactions and who experience challenges because of their interpersonal behaviours. Our business interventions are based on a trusting and confidential peer-to-peer relationship. Together we explore, discover and clarify more satisfying and resourceful ways of living and working.

Board level executive coaching · Top talent coaching · Transition coaching

Career Development

Acting as your trusted advisor and sounding board we will invite you to sharpen your leadership profile in order to make it more relevant and respected. We help business executives who are making strategic career decisions; managers embracing change such as leaving their organization, joining a new one, securing an external board appointment, being prepared for succession or returning from an international deployment. We unleash your full potential and that of your organization by focusing on the right priorities and specific hurdles in your development process.

First 100 days coaching · Executive recruitment advice · Talent assessment