MAYDELL ADVICE | Leadership Coaches
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We help our clients to reach higher levels of personal awareness, to have better careers, and to make more sophisticated business decisions. The richness of our one-to-one conversations allows you to maximise your performance, effectiveness, and potential. Our services address C-Suite members, pivotal leaders and people of high potential, who seek advice at key points of their careers. We work for individuals as well as for companies.


Our clients can expect integrity, competence, discretion and value from us. Their interests are our priority. We work according to the highest professional standards and have committed ourselves to a stringent code of ethics. MAYDELL Advice creates value by focusing on a very particular set of business interventions. We firmly believe in the power of life-long learning and are constantly improving our professional training and supervision routine. Each of our partners has more than 20 years of senior-level business experience.