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Advisory Council

Our advisory council adds additional value to our commitment to highest professional standards.

Christoph von Toggenburg – World Economic Forum

Christoph von Toggenburg is senior manager and Global Leadership Fellow at the World Economic Forum. Before he has worked in conflicts around the world with the ICRC and the UN. He is a visionary leader, award winning speaker, photographer and film-maker. Christoph has also been invited as a speaker at TED. He helps the firm to keep up with the most recent leadership thinking and global agenda.

Christoph holds an M.A. in International Public Policy from Johns Hopkins University, Bologna (Italy), an M.A. in Fine Arts from Chelsea College of Art, London (UK) and a B.A. in Communications and Fine Arts from Guildhall University, London (UK).

Kornelia Steinhardt PhD  – Vienna Consulting Group

Kornelia Steinhardt is social scientist, group analyst and head of the masters program supervision and coaching at the University of Vienna. She is an independent psychoanalyst, supervisor and coach since 1993. Kornelia has years of experience in teaching positions at various European universities. She supervises the team of MAYDELL Advice and is offering both moral support and scientific insight.

Kornelia Steinhardt holds a doctoral and masters degree in education with the combination of psychology and special education at the University of Vienna.

Stefan Tweraser PhD – Snapshot

Stefan is a technology leader in highly competitive environments and CEO of Snapshot, an international hotel analytics company. He has worked for Google as country manager for the DACH region and drove numerous cross-functional activities as member of Google’s European management team. Stefan started his career with McKinsey & Company, where he was elected partner in record time. He brings transformational leadership experience in the digital age to MAYDELL Advice.

Stefan holds a doctoral degree in Business and Economics and currently studies Psychotherapy Science at Sigmund Freud University (Vienna) to further expand his leadership development capabilities.